Uri Gross - import and marketing of wood and plywood


Uri Gross LTD, founded in 1945 by Uri Gross, imports and markets Wood and Veneer products. Uri Gross Ltd is considered the leading and most professional company in Israel in importing and marketing of hardwood, mainly for furniture and building manufacturers, for the purpose of interior and exterior woodwork projects. Many years of experience have contributed to our high capability of importing wood suitable for all demands, in addition to being well tuned to ever changing markets, with response time down to minimum. Over the years, due to increasing demand, we have added various products to our line, such as plywood, glued wood panels and luxury wood decking. All of these have become an integral part of our line of products. Long-lasting relationships with wood suppliers from all over the world enable us to import any type of special wood/special size required by our customers. Our experienced and professional team, will costomize the wood type and quality to each and every customers need. A strong emphasis is placed on fast, courteous and reliable service. For us, at URI GROSS LTD, Success is achieved by maintaining satisfied customers. We do not make compromises.

Uri Gross LTD

6 Haogen St.,

Ashdod, ISRAEL

Phone: +972-8856-4377


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